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Business Strategy Management

Business Strategy Management

Duration:8 Weeks

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Course Duration: 8 weeks

Contents: 10 voices (2.5 hrs) 10 pdf

Evaluation Method: Project

Certificate: Digital Certificate from eLearnEver of Sweden

Course Language: English


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online business strategy

Why Online Business Strategy?

Do you want to better understand your organization’s business strategy? Do you want to think like a CEO and add strategic value to your organization? If so, then this course is designed especially for you. In online business strategy, you will mostly use Videos, podcasts and ebooks. you will begin by learning the fundamentals of the business strategy process including creating a vision, identifying key drivers in the organizational environment and creating a sustainable competitive advantage. It would enable you to implement a strategic plan for your organization and provide feedback for its success.

Listen to 7 min of the course:

Course Subjects:

  • Strategic Management Process
  • Business-level strategy
  • Five Business-Level Strategies
  • External Environmental Analysis
  • The Five Forces of Competition Model
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of Company’s Resources and Capabilities

Learning Process in online business strategy course:

online business strategy

Objectives of online business strategy course:

  • Create a vision for your organization that connects with its core purpose and values.
  • Analyze key strategic drivers within the organization’s internal and external environment.
  • Create a sustainable competitive advantage by making strategic positioning choices.
  • Implement a strategic plan for your organization.
  • Assess your organization’s strategy development process.

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