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What’s Ostaadapp?

Ostaadapp is a virtual learning service on mobile with monthly subscription. Ostaadapp covers more than 900 different courses and school courses from beginner to expert level on a dedicated application. In Ostaadapp you can use free or shared courses. Then, if you wish, with a  USD 1 monthly subscription, you have unlimited access to all the educational contents and various services of Ostaadapp.

  • Online Courses
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Online Telescope and Microscope
Ostaadapp now is available for Persian language immigrants (Iran, Afghanistan & Tajikistan)

Why we need to Ostaadapp:

Being an immigrant can face you with many challenges. But the most important one is the integration into a new culture. For some of us being able to interact with people in working environment is the best way to learn the culture, and integrate into the society.
But helping immigrants countrymen when they just came to Sweden, they realized that language and having no especial profession is a big challenge for newcomers.
So we got an idea of building a platform that all immigrants can share their knowledge with their mother language so other immigrants can learn new professions in their mother language as well as sharing personal experiences.
This can make the integration process faster as some time the immigrants need to spend few years learning the language and then learn some professions which could take a few years before they can really get into the society.
We were only aiming to help immigrants in Sweden but soon after launch of our App, we realized that there are also unique users out of Sweden which makes us the only mobile-based E-learning platform in those countries including, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kurdistan, and Iran. Now we have 120 teachers, offering 900 courses in 2 languages; Farsi and Dari and soon we will add courses in Arabic and Turkish.
Our aim is to become a unique E-Learning ecosystem built by immigrants for immigrants to facilitate the integration process.

How is Works: