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Online mini MBA

Online mini MBA

Duration:3 Months

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Over 130.000 People Are Using “mini MBA” of eLearnEver, Since March 2014

Course Duration: 3 months

Contents: Lecturer videos (3.5 hrs) + Texts

Evaluation Method: Project

Certificate: Professional Legal Certificate “mini MBA” from eLearnEver of Sweden

Course Language: English

Start at: Immediately after enrollment


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The mini MBA is a highly intensive training course -you will learn in five days on your smart phone, tablet or PC what normally takes two years’ study. It is designed to provide you with comprehensive knowledge of fundamental, proven strategies taught as part of an MBA program. This training will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to lead, manage and face the challenges of a fast moving business environment.

All multi media learning contents are available on your PC or iOS smart phone or tablet to facilitate your access to the best knowledge resources.

This course will focus on key subject areas for executives and managers who operate in fast moving, competitive environments and who need to build a road map of the challenges and threats they will need to navigate. It will highlight and investigate a range of issues that they will need to master and will unlock and expand the central skill sets that they will need in order to be more effective as managers and leaders within their respective organizations. The mini MBA is designed to give individuals foundation knowledge in 4 separate management topics. The program is set up to cover:

– Leadership

– Strategy Management

– Marketing

– Human Capital Management


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With the central theme being “executive leadership”, this course will also be particularly relevant in today’s climate. It will contend that the current crisis in confidence in the business world and many of the recent failures (both corporate and regulatory) have been directly due to the adverse impact of inappropriate culture in key organizations and to the absence of effective leadership at all levels in detecting and managing the systemic risks that arise as a result.

It has never been more important than now to invest in training executives in the areas of leadership, strategy, decision making, organizational culture and marketing.


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