The Five Ms of Advertising (Marketing)

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The Five Ms of Advertising (Marketing)

The Five Ms of Advertising (Marketing)

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Advertising is the art of promoting yourself through different media. In the complex environment where everything is getting changed and being systematic, the advertisement is also being converted into a whole subject.

There are many things to know on this subject. Just like the 4 P’s of Marketing Mix, there are five M’s of advertisement to understand the whole concept of advertisement.

How to use 5 M’s in advertising strategy? How to implement advertising strategy?


This is a part of Marketing online course (Visit complete course)

This Course Subjects:

  • Developing an Advertising Program
  • Advertising Objectives
  • Factors to Consider in Setting an Advertising Budget
  • Major Media Types
  • Television
  • Print Ads
  • Variables in Media Selection
  • Choosing Among Major Media Types
  • Measuring Sales Impact of Advertising

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